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Body After Baby

Body After Baby

People are always asking me how I got my body back after having a baby. There's this notion of your body being "lost" after you carry a child. Like it's inevitable that your body will somehow be negatively marked with sagging skin and extra pounds that will never go away, no matter what. And forget even thinking about exposing yourself in a bikini! Those days are over honey! NOT!! So listen, every body is different and each person experiences their own set of challenges, but there's one thing in particular that I did (combined with living an overall healthy/active lifestyle) that worked for me. 

I became vegan. 

Ok ok, before you roll your eyes and say that that's way too intense for you, hear me out. 

I love food. I looooooove food. I love it all. Much of my life has been marked by what food I was eating and food equals memories and happiness for me. And let's be real, food has also meant sadness, darkness and despair. I have spent much of my life attaching feelings to food and having that be my normal. Food equals reward. Food equals punishment. Binge on food. Starve yourself. I've gone through it all. 

After I had my baby,  I was so in love with my body and what it had just accomplished with carrying a child, despite the fact that I had gained weight, and I was not concerned with weight loss. Actually for the first time, I had positive feelings toward my body and let go of putting extreme pressure on myself to look a certain way. I was so proud of my body for all that it did in bringing my baby into the world and I wanted to treat myself well for me and my baby. I felt like the way I could really love myself was to become vegan. 

Ok ok, I said it again! Vegan. Take a breath. Vegan. 

So, being vegan basically means that I don't eat any animal productsI was one of the people that would hear that someone was vegan and think ooooh boy. High maintenance. How could you possibly have a diet that's so restrictive?! Like what do you eat all day, salad?! 

Let me tell you, eating a plant based diet is the easiest "diet" I've ever been on. I do the opposite of restrict myself. I eat wonderfully nutrient dense food all day and as much of it as I want. Juicy fruits, avocados, roasted veggies, fresh salads, flavorful pastas, stir fry, fried rice, the list goes on! BREAD! I eat toast everyday! I don't limit myself and there is no portion control. And the best part is that soon after you begin your vegan life, you don't want that other shit. Processed food magically disappears from your life. You don't even want it! Yes, I loved how cheese and steak and eggs tasted, but I didn't love how those things made me feel. I didn't love that my skin would break out nonstop. I didn't love that I was always constipated and bloated. And I surely didn't love squeezing into my jeans and feeling uncomfortable in my clothes. 

The bottom line is that eating a plant based diet allows your body to function at its fullest potential. Your body gains energy that would otherwise be waisted on digesting animal products. Not to mention the countless studies on how the meat and dairy industries are giving us cancer and disease. BUT, on a lighter note(!), even though becoming vegan was a decision I made for overall health reasons, it's  how I got a better body than BEFORE baby, how about that! 

I dare you to try it and not feel better and more energized. And you never know, you might just need to shop for a size (or 2) down! 


Here's an example of what I eat on a typical day.

Breakfast 8am

  • Non-dairy latte with honey, made from my at-home Nespresso. I'm loving Macadamia & Oat milk.

  • Toast! I eat sprouted Ezekiel bread & my fave is the sprouted sesame. I'll have 2 pieces.


Early lunch 11am


Late lunch 2pm

  • A fresh green salad with avocado and/or tons of veggies like my Green on Greens Salad. Dressed with a simple homemade vinaigrette.


Dinner 6pm

  • Dinner varies. Anything from a roasted veggie salad bowl, to a veggie pizza, to kale pesto over brown rice pasta. I like to get creative with dinner and really satisfy my cravings.



  • I actually find that eating this way has eliminated my need and cravings for sugar. I never thought it was possible but, hey, now I know! If I'm really wanting something, I'll go for some super dark chocolate or some organic coconut milk ice cream. A little goes a long way.

And one more thing! Yes, I drink. I try to stick with wine or keep it clean with a Tito's martini.




Simple Kale Smoothie Bowl

Simple Kale Smoothie Bowl

Avocado Toast for the (not so) Basic Bitch

Avocado Toast for the (not so) Basic Bitch